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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.

                                                                                    --Thomas Merton 

Continuing the ancient church tradition of nurturing art and artists, The Arts at St. Paul & Incarnation (ASPI) seeks to feed and nourish the soul, uplift and inspire the heart & challenge and open the minds of our community by presenting both traditional and non-traditional art. With a special interest in local artists from often underrepresented communities, we seek to explore the entire spectrum of creativity, with programs centered around visual art, music & performing art, and new creative technologies.  


Started in 2016 by Rev. Thomas Murphy, The Arts at St. Paul & Incarnation was the product of his desire to provide a different way of serving the community and to welcome people to the space who might not otherwise be aware of it. The beauty of art is that it offers a unique way of having sometimes difficult conversations. To that end, our first group show, entitled Loving Arms, centered around the theme of guns and gun culture. A non-partisan space, artists were given free rein to interpret the theme however they wanted. After all, a conversation is not much good if its one-sided.


In the years that followed, we’ve offered up many more group and solo art shows, music programs, Shakespeare readings, artist talks, and an annual holiday maker’s market. We look forward to continuing to bring innovative and transformative works to our community in an inclusive, welcoming and safe space for all!


Arts Council:

Rev. Thomas Murphy

Amy Neufeld, curator

Colleen McElhearn

Gail Blache-Gill, musical director

Olivia Wilbur

Sarah Ibrahim

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